Travel with Kids | Safety Guide for Car Seats in RV

Camping holidays and day trips in an RV are lots of fun and very special, but travelling with children needs careful planning to make sure it’s as enjoyable as you hope. Along with packing all the essentials you need, take a moment to ensure that travelling with kids in the RV is safe.   Child […]


5 Fantastic Road Trips in Victoria

The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne is one of the most popular city destinations in Australia. It’s also surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the country. This scenery can be accessed by taking a road trip in Victoria. This means that if you are looking at motorhome rentals, so you can head off for a visit […]


6 Tips to Avoid a Hangover While Camping

Camping is a fun and amusing outdoor activity that will help you enjoy nature. Besides roasting marshmallows, most campers also drink beer as they chat with friends. While catching up with friends and taking part in the story-telling, it is easy to lose track of the amount of alcohol that one has drank. This means […]


6 Trailer Inspection Checklist for a Safe Car-Camping Road Trip

There is nothing worse than setting off on a holiday or long trip with your trailer in tow only to break down somewhere between home and your destination. Not only, will you spoil your trip and potentially find yourself paying a fortune in recovery and further travel costs, but you also need to consider the […]


Top 5 Hidden Beaches Around the Great Ocean Road

great ocean road

There are plenty of stunning sights around the Great Ocean Road like Lorne, the Twelve Apostles, or the Otway Rainforest. However, as much as you shouldn’t miss these sights, there are other beaches that deserve your attention as well. These ones don’t have as many visitors, so you can have the whole place to yourself […]


5 Tips to Invest in Pop Up Camper for Your Campsite Business

A pop up camper is a caravan with an inbuilt tent that you can collapse for easy transport and storage. The main benefit of a pop up camper is the extra space it provides when setting up, compared to a conventional caravan or RV. If you invest in a pop up camper, you can set […]