6 Tips to Avoid a Hangover While Camping

Camping is a fun and amusing outdoor activity that will help you enjoy nature. Besides roasting marshmallows, most campers also drink beer as they chat with friends. While catching up with friends and taking part in the story-telling, it is easy to lose track of the amount of alcohol that one has drank. This means that although you’ll have a great time camping, chances are that you may wake up with a hangover. This feeling is characterised by headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. Although some people know how to deal with a hangover, preventing the hangover is the best precaution to consider.

Here are some of the tips that you could use to avoid a hangover while camping.


Drink a lot of water

Taking plenty of alcohol when camping makes the activity more interesting. However, this also means that your body is producing less anti-diuretic and is quickly dehydrating due to constant urination. This explains why people with a hangover may experience a cottonmouth (dry mouth) and headaches. You will find this feeling distasteful, especially if you have to be at work that day. As such, the sooner you begin to drink some water to hydrate yourself, the earlier the hangover will wear out. Moreover, drinking water is important for your body’s health and skin.


Take more fluids

Drinking alcohol all night leaves you with a hangover the next day due to lost minerals. Besides drinking water to energise and strengthen your body, you also need to take fluids rich in potassium and other salts. Opt for sports drinks that will replenish your body water, energy, and electrolytes. Coconut water and bouillon soup are also great fluids, thus making them the best if you need to cure a hangover. Coconut water works magic when it is cold. On a hot summer day, go for cool bouillon soup or Gatorade.



Although food is not appetising when you have a hangover, it is good to eat to regain strength. Different foods interact differently with the digestive system of various people. Although some individuals swear that eating greasy foods like eggs and roast meat is the best way to cure a hangover, it is advisable that you eat easy-to-digest meals. As such, consider eating some soup crackers or a buttered toast to ease the hangover. Some people also trust leftover pizza to slow down the body’s reaction after a crazy night at the campsite.


Drink responsibly

While drinking alcohol can be fun, stopping its consumption all together will prevent a hangover. However, if you can’t find it in you to stop taking alcohol, it would be wise for you to drink responsibly. As you take alcohol, make sure you put in place some safety measures like using a quantifying tool to help keep count of the drinks you have. You might also want to use a dietary supplement that will supply your body with nutrients as you drink alcohol. One of the dietary supplements to use is Recoverthol because it has all the essential natural nutrients.


Have a cup of coffee

After a long camping night, one is likely to wake up in the afternoon or later in the day. Whatever time you wake up, having a cup of coffee will go a long way in keeping your body relaxed. The caffeine is good for perking you up. Since coffee is a diuretic, however, take it with limits. You will forget your lawful feeling in no time.


Sleep a little

The other hangover prevention method is taking a nap, especially if you are feeling like crap. Instead of giving your friends a hard time, get yourself some bedtime. You will wake up more energised and relaxed.

Each of the above hangover remedies will help you stay fresh even after a camping expedition.

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