7 Fun Games to Play While Camping with Family

Life moves fast all year long, but there’s something about the summer that makes us want to slow down and settle in for some good old fashioned family fun. There are many things to do when camping with family, and most require little more than willing participants and a good imagination.


A good camping game gets everyone involved, has just a few simple rules to follow so that fun comes first and doesn’t require much equipment that needs to be hauled in and out of the car and camp grounds.

We’ve found some simple ways on how to make camping fun, from new takes on old favorites to travel-friendly 3D puzzles. Camping outdoor activities with family can stimulate the mind and strengthen those family bonds.

Flashlight Tag

A classic for fun camping games, tag gets everyone involved. When it gets dark and the ghost stories have all been heard but campers have yet to wind down, pull out the flashlights for a round of tag. The person who is it holds an unlit flashlight. The rest of the campers have to avoid being tagged by the light. Once you’ve been spotted by the flashlight, it’s your turn to be it.

Capture the Flag

You can bring flags for teams or simply use colored towels for each team. The beauty of this game is that it gets kids moving, strategizing and giggling as they hide their chosen flag or item and then have to search for the other team’s flag. They have to guard their flag while sneaking over to the other team’s area and capturing their hidden flag. The team who finds the first flag is the winner, and the winner has to make the s’mores!

Beep and Find

Hide and seek in the woods can be a bit daunting for families, but add some noise, and you have a fun and multi-layered game for kids of all ages. While hiding in the woods, players have to beep every 30 seconds, giving them an opportunity to find a new hiding place. This is also great for tired parents who can sit at home base, i.e. the campfire, and call out time for players to make their presence known with their beeps.

Scavenger Hunt


There are a few ways to get into this longtime family favorite. You can bring a list of things to run and rummage through the forest for, with the first one back with the most items named the winner. Or you can gather items as you walk throughout the day for a scavenger hunt around your campfire later that night. One person hides the known items around the campsite and each person has a list of what treasure lies within the glow of the campfire for a safe family activity after the sun goes down.

Name that Tune

No equipment necessary, just a knowledge of your favorite songs and an ability to put your lips together and blow in a melody others can interpret. The only rules are that the first person to name the tune of the player humming their favorite song or jingle wins. If you want to add a bit of electronic spark to your game, you can put an MP3 on speaker and shuffle with a timer that turns it off in just a few seconds.

Snake Cube Puzzle

WG-001-2 (1)

Got a kid who can’t let go of the devices for long? This wooden 3D puzzle will keep their hands and minds busy. It’s a classic mechanical puzzle with an artisanal feel. It’s fun and challenging for all ages. The wooden cube is compact when completed and travel-friendly since there are no pieces to keep track of. The snake cube puzzle is perfect for those quiet times around the campfire or long car drives. When you need to pack up the puzzle to a cube, you can find the Serpent Cube Puzzle Solution here.

Ring Toss


Glow-in-the-dark bracelets, often found at dollar stores, can be used as a nighttime round of ring toss. When the bracelet’s glow goes, you can use them during the day, such as passing from stick to stick without dropping.

Getting out to the great outdoors brings families together in many ways. There is an array of imaginative ideas for fun things to do while camping. Get outdoors and have a great time!

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